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We are currently seeking a patient-focused RN or LPN for a Research Nurse Coordinator.

You became a nurse so you could help people.

You’re a problem solver. You’re a get-it-done kind of person. But you’ve found there are a lot of things in the medical field keeping you from enjoying what you set out to do. Are you tired of drama and being micromanaged? Are you tired of working crazy hours? 

This is the nursing job where you can change lives, AND have a life you love. We are looking for a patient-focused RN or LPN who thrives on being in charge. This is a salaried position with a very predictable schedule and regular working hours Monday through Thursday. 

Your family will love you because this employer values your time with them. Your patients will love you because you’re helping them make progress. And you will love you because work will be something to look forward to.

We are a medical research company with a mission to help our patients and clients find new solutions in medicine. Our studies consist of phase two, three, and four testing for pharmaceutical companies, where we test the efficacy of new medicine. 

As a Research Nurse Coordinator, you will work with patients participating in our studies, document their progress and ensure accurate recording of medical data. 

Your day as a Research Nurse Coordinator would include:

  • Recruiting and verifying the eligibility of study subjects in compliance with the principles of GCP, and federal regulations of OHRP and FDA.
  • Reviewing and obtaining informed consent and documents process
  • Scheduling and conducting study visits with subjects
  • Conducting follow-up phone calls with subjects
  • Scoring test results
  • Maintaining regulatory document binder
  • Collecting survey data and reviewing medical records
  • Consulting with nurses and physicians to determine subject eligibility according to protocol requirements
  • Facilitating communication with and education of investigators, key personnel, and subjects to maintain project study flow
  • Maintaining detailed study records. 
  • Performing scientific literature searches in support of research
  • Completing research documents in compliance with current local, state, and federal regulatory guidelines, requirements, laws, and research protocols.
  • Participating in outreach to promote clinical research, including but not limited to outreach to physicians, staff, patients, or community.
  • Identifying records, reports and follows Adverse Events (AE) and Serious Adverse Events (SAE). 
  • Collaborating with the investigator to address AE and SAE resolution.
  • Identifying and reporting protocol deviations, including corrective action plans.

Technical Requirements:

  • Nursing or Bachelor’s degree in clinical or scientific related discipline
  • Basic knowledge of medical terminology and clinical skills
  • Proficiency and adaptability with technology
  • Two years of experience in a clinical or research setting, or nursing preferred
  • Strong organizational skills required

Other Job Duties Include:

  • Recruiting and verifying the eligibility of study subjects in compliance with the principles of GCP, and federal regulations of OHRP and FDA.
  • Scheduling and conducts study visits with subjects, including travel to various offices in Southwest Missouri. 
  • Obtaining medical history, vitals, and adverse events throughout the course of the study
  • Administrating study related medication and procedures
  • Maintaining regulatory document binder
  • Working collaboratively with team of physicians and nurses to provide study related care

Do you want to enjoy nursing on regular hours? Are we talking your language? We need to fill this position FAST. We have new studies starting and we need someone caring and organized to plug in and work with our team.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an interview, please send us an email with your resume attached to