Meet Dr True.

What do you do at Clinvest?

I’m Dr. David True and I’m the medical director and the principal investigator for many of the clinical trials that we perform at Clinvest. This means that I help review potential trials to see if they will work well enough for us to participate in. I am also responsible for the safety of everyone who participates in a clinical study and I oversee the work performed by our staff throughout the trials.

What do you love about Clinvest?

I love the people at Clinvest. Everyone here is a joy to work with. Our team not only has an interest in advancing clinical knowledge through clinical trials but, more importantly, from the top down, everyone wants to help the people in our community. It is a privilege to help our patients and neighbors by offering treatments to those who need and might benefit from them.

What would you say to anyone interested in applying for a study?

Clinvest is a locally owned, research company that participates in clinical trials studying drugs that can help people feel better. We have a long history of involvement in migraine and other headache trials but also are actively studying drugs for the treatment of several different types of arthritis. Consider participating in one of our trials. Perhaps you are not having good results with the treatments you have tried or cannot obtain medications you need due to insurance issues. If one of our studies is right for you, you might wind up benefitting while also helping in the discovery of new treatments for the public as well.