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How frequently do you experience migraine? If you have 14 or fewer migraine attack days per month, we want to chat!

Clinvest is investigating a new treatment option, but we need participation to explore new horizons in health. We are searching for Springfield area applicants to participate in a clinical research study to potentially improve options for individuals diagnosed with Episodic Migraine. The goal of this study is to assess an investigational medication for Migraine. If you believe you would make a good candidate, contact Clinvest Research for more information. 

Dr. True and Clinvest are seeking volunteers with Episodic Migraines in the Springfield area. The purpose of this research study is to compare the duration, safety, and effectiveness of the study medication Atogepant. Qualified volunteers with be randomly assigned to received study medication or Placebo. Completion of the study would involve coming into the office for 8 appointments over a 16-week period. Your first appointment would last approximately 2 hours. You will be asked to come into the office 4 weeks following screening and every 2 weeks for the duration of the 16-week study. A safety follow-up visit will occur 4 weeks after your last dose of medication.

If you qualify and choose to volunteer, we would provide study drug and all study-related procedures at no cost to you (including basic study-related physical exams, bloodwork, ECG’s, and urine drug/pregnancy tests). You would be asked to use a handheld electronic diary to answer daily questions about your headaches for the entire duration of the study. You would also be asked to fill out more detailed questionnaires during the appointments. Compensation will be provided for your time and travel.



Clinvest Research is a clinical investigation company based in southwest Missouri. We are constantly seeking participants for clinical trials in order to further options for sufferers of various conditions. Our doctors are a part of a select group of clinics in the U.S. that have been involved in over 200 Phase II-IV clinical research studies sponsored primarily by the pharmaceutical industry or studies created by doctors after patient observation.

Study visits are conducted via outpatient and do not require overnight stays. In fact, we pride ourselves in making your participation in the studies as easy and convenient as possible.

If you qualify and choose to join a study, you will be treated by our team of specialists and may receive study-related care at no cost. Call us at (417) 883-7889 to learn more.