11 Reasons Why You Should Participate in a Clinical Trial

Have you ever considered participating for a clinical trial, but felt unsure? There are numerous benefits to volunteering. We have highlighted 11 reasons your should participate in a clinical trial.

1. Participation Matters

Your participation matters and is a key part of medical innovation and advancement.  

Volunteering for a clinical study can help future generations – possibly your children and grandchildren! 75% of clinical trials fail due to lack of enrollment. These studies are a key component to new options for treatment or even a possible cure. However, unless they are studied through clinical trials those outcomes will continue to remain unknown and unexplored.

2. Improve Lives

You can be a medical hero and could improve the lives of others.

If you are impacted by a serious health condition, you know the importance of effective treatments. Therefore, your participation can offer hope through further treatment options for many individuals with serious health conditions (including you!). Even if the treatment doesn’t work, you have helped researchers and scientists be one step closer to a breakthrough.

3. Safety

Medications are tested before clinical trials. 

All trial medications must pass rigorous FDA standards before they can be tested on clinical trial participants, lowering risks to volunteers. Furthermore, while risks are still being assessed,  Phase II through IV clinical trials have already been through one or more rounds of clinical tests for safety and side effects.

4. Educational

Learn more about your illness or condition. You may have the opportunity to receive diagnostic tests & exams at no cost.

Some studies require tests and exams for qualification. Often, these results are given to you at no additional costs, giving you more insight and understanding about your condition.

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5. Free

Participation is always at no cost!

Not only is participation at no cost, you can receive…

6. Compensation

Compensation for your time and travel may be provided.

Many clinical trial pay for your time and effort spent during the study. Compensation varies and is often contingent upon study length and requirements.

7. No Obligation

Participation is strictly on a volunteer basis with no obligations.

Your participation is 100% at will. You are under no contractual obligation to complete a study or participation once you have signed up.

8. No Insurance Required

Insurance is not required to participate!

Many people hesitate to participate due to lack of insurance. Insurance is not required to participate. In addition, participating in a clinical trial may give you access to medication and care that previously felt unavailable.


9. Access to Treatment

You have access to possible treatment options that may not yet be widely available at no cost!

Participating in clinical trial may give you access to cutting edge treatments and medical innovation at no cost and therefore your overall health may improve. In addition to studying the effectiveness of a treatment, researchers may also be investigating other aspects of care to improve the quality of life for people with chronic illness.


10. Expert Care

Access to expert care without a long wait!

Phase II-IV clinical studies often require visits with a doctor who is an expert in the disease area being studied. Moreover, this study related care can help you learn valuable insights into your health with no long wait list or waiting rooms!


11. Approved Medication

Possible access to already FDA approved medication.

Some clinical trials are researching already FDA approved treatments. The treatment being studied has already passed through rigorous clinical trials and been approved for widespread marketing. These phase IV trials are often investigating a large segment of the population for a medication’s effects over a longer period of time. Researchers may also be studying  how to make the medication more effective. 


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