Active Diabetes & Weight Loss Studies

We are constantly seeking participants for a number of studies. Please apply to any studies for which you may qualify, or call us at (417) 883-7889 for more information!

If You Suffer from Diabetes, Clinvest Is Here to Help

With nearly 29 million people affected in the United States alone, diabetes is a condition that deserves attention. Severe long-term side effects like heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, or blindness, all are associated with diabetes. Make a difference in this ongoing battle by participating in a research study.

Clinvest understands how challenging and frustrating diabetic conditions can be. We have a strong commitment to further treatment and research in diabetes studies. We partner with pharmaceutical companies in an effort to discover solutions for life-limiting conditions and look forward to the new horizons in health and well-being.

    Type 2 Diabetes Research Study

    Lilly (J1L-MC-GZBD)

    Dr. True and Clinvest are seeking motivated research volunteers in the Springfield area. The purpose of this research study is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the study drug vs placebo for HbA1c, in participants with type 2 diabetes inadequately controlled with diet and exercise with or without a stable dose of metformin. Qualified volunteers will be randomized to a treatment arm. Completion of the study would involve coming into the office for 13 appointments over an approximate 36 week period including. Your first appointment would last approximately 2 hours. If you qualify and choose to volunteer, we would provide the investigational study drug and all study-related procedures at no cost to you (including basic study-related physical exams, bloodwork, ECGs, urine drug/pregnancy tests, and nutritional counseling). You will also be required to check your blood sugar levels daily with a glucometer that we will provide to you. On occasion, multiple readings will be required in one day. Compensation may be provided for your time and travel.

    Duration: 36 Weeks

    Number: 13 Visits

    Diabetes Research Study


    Dr. True and Clinvest are seeking volunteers who have Type 2 diabetes treated either with lifestyle or various diabetic regimens, have an elevated HbA1c at screening and have established cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or peripheral arterial disease. This is an international Phase 3, randomized, double-blind trial to assess the effectiveness of weekly investigational study drug (up to 15 mg) compared to weekly dulaglutide (1.5 mg) when added to the standard of care. Qualified subjects who complete a 2-week screening period may be deemed eligible to begin a 24 week dose escalation period, with clinic visits every 2 weeks followed by a maintenance period with clinic visits every 3 months until the number of sponsor-determined endpoints are reached (approx. 48 months). All study-related procedures and study drug, including standard of care for diabetes & cardiovascular disease will be provided at no cost to you. Compensation will be provided at each completed visit for your time and travel. You may be provided reimbursement for mileage, fasting meals, and public transportation.

    Duration: 48 Months

    Number: 25 Visits

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