Active Headache & Migraine Studies

We are constantly seeking participants for a number of studies. Please apply to any studies for which you may qualify, or call us at (417) 883-7889 for more information!

If You Suffer from Migraines, Clinvest Is Here to Help

The piercing sensation from a headache or migraine can be debilitating. Our goal is to research and collect data on new medications that may be life-changing to this painful condition. We conduct a variety of headache and migraine studies with specific study topics ranging from chronic migraine prevention to post-traumatic headaches.

Clinvest knows how challenging and frustrating head pain can be. We have a strong commitment to further treatment and research in migraine studies. We partner with pharmaceutical companies in an effort to discover solutions for such debilitating conditions and look forward to the new horizons in health and well-being.

    Migraine Research Study


    This is a trial to assess the effect of an investigational medication on disability and work productivity in employed subjects with episodic migraine who have previously failed 1 or more migraine preventive treatments. The study has 9 visits over approximately 31 weeks. Compensation for time and travel is up to $450.

    Duration: over approximately 31 weeks

    Number: 9 visits

    Migraine Device Study


    This study is a chronic migraine study for ages 18-75 using a neuromodulator device on your upper arm. This device will sync via Bluetooth to a smartphone, which will control the device, as well as the location of headache diary. A total of up to 4 visits spanning no longer than 4 months with a 1-month baseline period and up to 3-months open-label period. Compensation may be provided for time and travel.

    Duration: 4 Months

    Number: 4

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