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What’s the difference between Clinvest doctors and my primary care physician?

Taking part in a clinical study means regular contact with our doctors. You may wonder, though, why you deal with our doctors instead of your primary care physician. After all, doesn’t he or she already have a great deal of knowledge about your medical history? There are two major differences between your primary care physician […]

We Presented at the International Headache Society Conference

We’re honored to announce our CEO, Ryan Cady presented data in Vancouver recently at the Congress of the International Headache Society Conference! The Springfield native was presenting a poster which reported participants who received the drug Nuedexta saw a reduction in headache days and an overall improvement in Headache Health Scores! Way to go Clinvest […]

Importance of Investigational Studies

Are you hesitant to take part in a clinical trial because you question its benefits to yourself or others? Those are valid concerns, but rest assured. Investigational studies are not only important, but a necessity to determine the effectiveness of various drugs and treatments. The benefits are staggering. The Wall Street Journal reports that the […]