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How Long Does a Study Take and How Much Does it Cost?

How much does a study cost? First things first, it will cost you nothing to participate in our studies. Everything needed to perform our research comes out of our pocket—all we need is you as a volunteer to complete the research. We also often compensate volunteers for their time and travel to and from the […]

What Are Adverse Events?

Have you ever watched a TV commercial about a new drug, or unfolded that tiny piece of paper inside your medicine box and wondered where the long list of potential side effects comes from? That list of side effects is collected beginning the moment a new drug is given to people. This process is part of […]

Participating in a Clinical Study: What to Expect

Want to sign up for a clinical study but don’t know what to expect? Through clinical studies, physicians discover new and improved ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, control, and treat illnesses. While every clinical study varies depending on what and why research is being done, we hope to give you a general overview of what […]

Chronic Migraines? Now enrolling for a local investigational study

Clinvest Research is currently studying an investigational CGRP antibody (Eptinezumab) for the prevention of chronic migraines. Qualified participants between the ages 18-65 who have greater than 8 migraines and 15 headache days a month will receive two doses of study drug 12 weeks apart. The study is approximately 36 weeks long and has 10 office […]

Caring for Caregivers

A thank you to caregivers The role of caregiving includes challenges and sacrifice, and yet so many do it in the name of unconditional love. Over many years of research, we have witnessed caregivers going above and beyond for their loved ones and recognize the important role they play in our patients’ health. While our […]