Spring into Action & Get Involved in a Research Study!

Springtime means longer, warmer days, gardening, and evening strolls. But when you battle unseen or chronic conditions like migraine, arthritis, and diabetes, it often means you miss out on the small joys that springtime brings. Our mission is to help uncover new solutions so that you can enjoy every season of the year.

If you have been on the fence about the right time to join a study, there is no time like the present to spring into action and get involved in a research study! We know that the term medical research can bring feelings of uncertainty. However, to many of our patients, it means answers after years of searching and so much more. Some reasons to consider participating include the following:

Access Cutting-Edge Treatments – One of the most significant benefits of participating in a clinical research study is the opportunity to access cutting-edge treatments that may not be widely available. By getting involved, you could be among the first to benefit from new therapies and procedures, which can give you hope.

Receive High-Quality Care and Monitoring – When you participate in a clinical trial or study, you’ll receive ongoing care and monitoring from medical experts. This means you’ll have access to top-notch healthcare and support, including regular check-ins and assessments to track your progress and adjust treatment plans as necessary. Plus, you receive medical evaluations and testing at no cost!

Earn Compensation for Your Time and Travel – Many of our clinical trials offer compensation to participants for time and travel, another bonus to getting involved!

Make a Real Difference in the Lives of Others – By participating in a clinical study; you’ll be contributing to the advancement of medical science and helping to improve the lives of people suffering. Your involvement takes you from the sidelines, and you become crucial to bringing new solutions to the world.

These are only a few reasons to consider participating in a clinical research study this spring. If this sparks some interest in participation, but you still have questions, we are here to help! Our dedicated staff can answer all your questions and is a quick phone call away 417-883-7889.