What are you doing to help your joints?

We get how challenging life can be with joint pain. We partner with pharmaceutical companies to study these conditions and bring new treatments to the world.

You can help and potentially find help.

Not all inflammatory conditions are created equal—but they’re all a pain.


Sudden, severe attacks of pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness in one or more joints, often in the hands and feet.


Widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues.


Joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and red patches of skin topped with silvery scales and nail bed changes.


An autoimmune disorder causing pain or aching, stiffness, tenderness, and swelling in the joints. That can lead to long-term deformity.


Joint pain, stiffness, and swelling that can cause reduced function and disability.


*Compensation for medical expenses may not be provided if study requirements are not followed.

Get paid to get help.

If you qualify for a study, you get access to advanced treatments before they’re widely available—all at no cost to you. Most studies include payment for your time, travel, and most importantly—your contribution towards finding new solutions.


*We are not responsible for individual medical expenses if our medications are used incorrectly or against our recommendation.

Quality care at no cost.

We all cringe when doctors order a new expensive test or scan. But at Clinvest, you receive medical evaluations and testing at no cost.*

Our studies are led by board-certified physicians who have conducted over 600 clinical trials. Your comfort and safety is their number one concern.

You help heal the world.

At Clinvest, you help us explore your condition and so much more. What we learn from each study makes an impact on the collective research that brings new options to the world at large. We can’t do it without you!



Prioritize your pain.

New medications and treatments can take years to hit the market. And when they do, they're often times expensive and hard to access. We have options in the final testing stages that have the potential to help you today.


Their words, not ours.

“Great staff, very accommodating, very thorough, and willing to go that extra mile. I highly recommend Clinvest.”

— Billye B.

“Clinvest has made a huge impact on my daily life! It has been a lifesaver not having migraine!”

—Campbell C.

“The people at Clinvest have been so nice! Just think of the possibility of no more migraine.”

—Debbie F.

“The staff is incredible ❤️”

—Ronda P.

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, you can stay on your current medication while you participate in a study. Oftentimes we actually require you to be on a stable dose of your medication during your participation.


*Compensation will be provided after each appointment.


First appointment:

Expect the first appointment to take about two hours. We’ll review the study, discuss the details with the researcher, and have you take a short physical exam.


Following visits are shorter, and vary by the study. You’ll likely receive medication and instructions on how to use and what to keep an eye out for.


When you wrap up your final visit, you’ll return any equipment, take a short exit exam, and receive any final compensation for your help.*

Don’t give up.

We have open studies for these conditions—we're testing new treatments that could make a difference.

We have 5 open arthritis and pain studies:

We have a variety of studies to fit your life and symptoms best.

Psoriatic Arthritis Research Study

Active Psoriatic Arthritis Axial Disease Research Study

Active Treatment Rheumatoid Arthritis Study

Obesity & Osteoarthritis of the Knee Study

Fibromyalgia Device Study

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