How Long Does a Study Take and How Much Does it Cost?

How Long Does a Study Take and How Much Does it Cost?

First things first, it will cost you nothing to participate in our studies. Everything needed to perform our research comes out of our pocket—all we need is you as a volunteer to complete the research.

We also often compensate volunteers for their time and travel to and from the research site. You will communicate with your study coordinator to determine compensation, but it is common for you to be compensated financially for your participation.


We Value Your Time.

Since you’re volunteering your time with us, we feel it’s important that you know just how much time you could expect to spend with us.

Your first visit will usually take around two hours. This starts with the study team explaining the study details and potential risks to you. This process is called informed consent. The study visits typically include physical examinations, a review of medical history and medications, and a general screening to determine if you fit the study criteria and you are in good enough health to participate in the study. Unlike a regular doctor visit, you will spend much more time with our clinicians.  

The following times you come in, you can expect to only be here for around an hour. The specifics of what you will do during each session vary according to the trial that you’re enrolled in, but an hour is usually all it takes. So, don’t worry about blocking off your whole afternoon or bringing in a sleeping bag.

We value your time and our priority is to use the time you give us as efficiently as possible. We make the effort to avoid any waiting around—the better we use your time, the quicker we can complete our research and advance a drug towards the public market.


That’s the sum of it: participating in Clinvest Research costs you nothing and will only take you about an hour per visit after your first visit. Call us now to see if you’re the right fit to volunteer for one of our studies.