How To Cope With Migraines During The Holidays

The holidays remind us of all we have to be thankful for. Surrounded by friends and family, we
take time to ponder on what really matters. To many, the holidays are a season that allow for
time to catch up with loved ones and much needed rest, but to many others, the holidays bring in
stress, anxiety and migraines.

Those who suffer from migraines, especially during the holidays, ache not only from painful
symptoms, but also from missing out on creating precious memories with their loved ones. The
holidays create stress that, for the millions of migraine sufferers, can take the joy out of the
season. However, there are many ways to help prevent and cope with migraines during the

Maintain Sleep And Eating Schedule

As the holidays approach, you might be tempted to sleep in and stay up late, but if possible,
maintain your regular schedule. Be sure to adhere to your usual eating schedule as well. Eat three
times a day and avoid postponing meals. Research shows that skipping meals altogether can
trigger more migraines than any specific type of food. As your schedule gets busier, be sure to
plan appropriate time for rest and eating in an effort to avoid migraines.

Plan Ahead Of Time

Planning your day ahead of time can save you from a lot of stress in the long run. Start by
making a list of things you still need to do. If you’re running behind on your shopping, don’t try
to catch up in one day. Traffic, long lines, and spending money can cause even those who do not
suffer from migraines to be stressed, so plan ahead as much as possible. Give yourself time to be
alone and recuperate if you notice a migraine coming along throughout the day.

Realize You Cannot Be Perfect

The most common migraine triggers during the holidays often start with setting higher than
average personal expectations on yourself. Bringing together family naturally causes stress,
excitement, and emotions. With so many different people coming together, you’ll be trying to be
your best self, but nobody is perfect. Do not allow the expectations of others, as well as yourself,
ruin this precious time with your friends and family. Migraines often come at the worst times,
but can be coped with and prevented by stepping back and realizing you cannot always be in