What’s the difference between Clinvest doctors and my primary care physician?

Taking part in a clinical study means regular contact with our doctors. You may wonder, though, why you deal with our doctors instead of your primary care physician. After all, doesn’t he or she already have a great deal of knowledge about your medical history? There are two major differences between your primary care physician and our doctors that we will delve into.

  1. You will see the Clinvest doctors more frequently than your regular physician.
    The research that we conduct involves a considerable amount of time and effort, so regular visits are essential for gathering every detail we possibly can about what is ailing you. Your visits will also be longer than a typical doctor visit, at least once a month, either via phone call or in person.
    As with your own physician, our doctors’ doors are always open for you. You are welcome to contact us at any time between your sessions if you have some sort of problem or even if you simply want to talk about your study with us.
  2. Our doctors have been specially trained regarding your specific condition as opposed to doing general primary care work.
    We know, you love your doctor—and that is okay! But they likely do not have the specialized knowledge that is needed to treat your condition in as effective a manner. Like your primary doctor, our staff puts your maintained health as their number one priority. If you’re currently taking some sort of medication, you don’t have to worry about it suddenly being upended.
    Our doctors also have an intense desire to continue learning more about the newest goings-on in the industry, with a passion for furthering medical advancement. The majority of our doctors on-staff are practicing physicians outside of research, and each and every one of them is medically-licensed. Simply put, they are trained to help you.
  3. We are not a replacement to your primary care physician.
    We actually work with them if we need to. Please do not think that doing research with us means that you cannot continue visiting your regular primary care physician. They are a definite asset to your ongoing health, but keep in mind that when it comes to your specific condition, our doctors have specialized knowledge and skill. If you are already participating in a study with us, please continue to do so. If not, we warmly extend an invitation to you. Talk to us and your doctor today.